My worst nightmare: That one day, any girl will take my spot. That one day a girl will sit with you, laugh with you, smile with you, & have a good time with you. That one day a girl will realized that you’re amazing. That one day that girl becomes your girlfriend. That one day she takes my spot for good. That one day you will forget about me because you’re busy thinking about her. Yeah, that scares me the most. Because, I want to be that girl. I want to be only girl. I don’t want anyone to take my spot. Why? Because, if anyone takes my spot; there won’t be anyone else who can take yours . . . which is probably going to be the worst reminder that I lost my spot to her.

This WAS my biggest fear…. I realize now that it wasn’t because I still love you but a classic case of : “He’s mine, don’t touch”!

And It was that fear that made me misread things.

I am now at peace with that…

It’s a closed door.

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