And that’s it…. We’re almost starting a new year. Not that it means a lot, but still, it’s a time that can be used for changes and resolutions (that we’ll keep up with for like a week!). I can’t say 2010 was bad, because really i can’t complain, but I want a lot more great things in 2011. 

I want things to move

I want to meet new people, new places

My motto for 2011 is CHANGE. For better of course. I want to create new habits, change the way I see and handle things, because for the first time in my life I haven’t been at my best.

I closed a big big DOOR in 2010, it is now locked and I threw the key away, so I am ready for the next big thing!

May 2011 bring us all the joy and happiness we deserve….


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