These are the products I use on my hair right now…

From left to right :

-Shue Uemura “Dep Sea Foundation”

This one is perfect to give a fresh scent to your hair.F or example if you went out the night before and your hair smells like smoke but is clean, you just need to spray a little bit of this on it and it feels all fresh and clean again.


I am completely addicted to this one! It has an amazing scent and it really nourishes the hair. I use it either in the morning or at night, plus, with the bottle come 3 little bottles to carry in your purse and use it all day long.

– Kerastase “Nectar Thermique”

I use this one right before using the hair dryer. It keeps the hair from being burnt, ‘cause we all know what too much hair dryer can do to our hair! When you use the hair dryer a lot, like me during winter, you better have it “covered”…

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