It’s called Good Tips – Beauty routine





DAY – From left to right

-Estée Lauder “Time Zone”

This is a very good one to prevent wrinkles, as I am 32 and it won’t be long before they come knocking at my door!

-StriVectin “Instant Retexturing Scrub”

This one is to be applied once or twice a week. it is a very gentle scrub that removes all the dry skin and prepares it to take better advantage of your daily moisturizer.

-StriVectin “Eye Concentrate”

StriVectin products aren’t very cheap that’s for sure, but I really do think they are worth the price we pay. This one for instance helps ease the wrinkles already there, and prevent new ones from coming too soon! You can’t pay too much for that!

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NIGHT – From left to right

-Estée Lauder “Time Zone”

As a complement for the day moisturizer, I use this one at night, not before applying the next product :

-Estée lauder “Advanced Night Repair”

Apply every night after removing your make up and washing your skin. It eliminates all the toxins your skin takes during the day. It’s really a bit of “fresh air” on you face!

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