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:)))) Me likes! @John_Mayer (Taken with instagram)

The perks of living by the sea. Afternoon wallk… (Taken with instagram)


Books I Love.

Classy By Derek Balsberg

This is supposed to be a guide about Fashion, Etiquette, Dating Rules etc… But most of all it is hilariously written :) A good read!

#Books #Fashion #Classy #DerekBlasberg

Family lunch with @thedianapereira @tiagosworld18 (Taken with instagram)

Detail of @pedromonteiro7 ‘s tie at @pryingowl & @diogomonteiro’s wedding! So sweet :) (Taken with instagram)

#outfits #MarcByMarcJacobs Shirt/Dress and Cardigan (Taken with instagram)

This came in the mail today! From @brooklyncharms. Great day of jewelry making ahead! #jewelry #diy (Taken with instagram)

Valentine’s day…

I Love that there’s a day for this and a day for that… But I don’t think you should wait for Valentine’s Day to tell your other half you Love them, or for Children’s Day to do something special with your kids. 

That being said, I Love surprises so any occasion for me to surprise someone I love, I take it!

My Man had told me about a concert he’d really like to go to. I kind of pretended I didn’t hear him, then went and bought the tickets. Today I hid them in his briefcase, and set up a reminder on his phone at noon saying : “Check the back pocket of my briefcase, and remember I have the best Girlfriend in the world!”

So now I’m here, excitedly waiting for noon!


Shooting the video… #music #barbarabrin #video (Taken with instagram)

On set getting ready to shoot the video for the first single! Happy Brin 😃 #music #BarbaraBrin (Taken with instagram)

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