When it comes to foundation, i use a lot of them, different textures and colors for different times of the year. But I always like them very light and smooth, and would hate to feel I have a ton of make up on.

A little tip for you : I used to buy foundations darker than my skin color and found out from a professional that it is supposed to be exactly the color of your skin, because it is made to give a uniform look to it. The color or “tan” will be added after, with a blush or powder.

From left to right :

-Helena Rubinstein “Color to Mix”

This one I use when I already have a little tan on, because even though you can choose the degree of color you want, it is still a little dark. It is very easy and practical to use as you only have to mix a little of it and blend it to you face moisturizer (Depending on the color you want, add more or less). Apply as you do with your moisturizer, by hand.

-Estée Lauder “Double Wear Light”

I like this one because it is light and smooth, you don’t feel like having anything on your skin. You can use it all year long. I apply it with a little round sponge. (The sponges make you use a lot more foundation because they “suck” it, but I find it easier to apply it in an even way). The package is small so you can carry it easily with you all day long.

-Guerlain “Parure Aqua”

It is more or less the same as the Estee lauder one, very light and smooth, but the package is bigger, so this one I keep at home while the other one goes in my bag.

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