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Yesterday’s outfit. #outfits (Taken with instagram)




Chanel ” Lait Douceur”

This is the smoothest way of getting your make up off. Not the fastest, easiest or less expensive, but the Smoothest, which is very important.

I am always tempted to remove my make up with wipes, it’s easy and fast, but my skin always feel very dry afterwards. So what I do is I remove the big part with a wipe and then gently remove the rest with this “lait douceur” so my skin won’t feel so dry. The bad thing is it makes you use a lot of cotton pads. We can’t have it all, can we?!

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Today’s #outfits #h&m Poncho #Sandro Top (Taken with instagram)

#Balenciaga Bag. #Vuitton Shoes #Vintage coat from my Mum. #outfits #SaturdayNight (Taken with instagram)

@apairandaspare Here’s one of mine, thanks for the tutorial ;) !!! #necklace #jewellery (Taken with instagram)



After the concealer, there comes the powder…

I have a lot of them because depending on how tan you are, you’ll need different shades.

During winter I use one for the whole face, that I apply with a big brush, and on top of it I apply a little bit of blush on certain spots, like cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

During the summer I only use the blush.

Here are the one I am using right now, one from Make Up Forever and the other from Guerlain. But I am always changing, so I’ll update when necessary.

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Me and @jose_machado had 7 Little Monsters at home today. I’m exhausted!!!! #kids (Taken with instagram)


As so many of you liked the Chanel centerpieces from my Mum’s Surprise 50th Bday Party, I decided to share just a few more pics!

The first pic is the invite ;)

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So after the foundation comes the concealer. I use a lot of them depending on the “Damage”. LOL

I apply all of them with my finger.

From left to right :

-Benefit “Stay don’t stray”

The texture of this one is more like a thick foundation, but creamy. Good for those days when it is not that bad, as it is a light one. But very good!

-Benefit “Boiing”

This one is more thick. It really does help for those days when you’d rather stay in bed. Apply it the right way and you’ll look like you’ve slept 10 hours!

– Bobbi Brown

This one is very creamy but very light. I use it in the summer with no foundation underneath. It has on top a little bit of powder to apply with a brush so it fixes the concealer. And it really does!

-Bare Minerals ID

This one I also use in the summer as it is a powder concealer. Very good, but very light. To fix it, add a little spray. (The sprays used to fix the make up). It stays on very long as well

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I’m in Love with this bracelet I made today :) #DIY #jewelry #bracelet #jewellery #ItsCalledJewelry (Taken with instagram)

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