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Made these today! #itscalledjewelry (Taken with instagram)

And the orders keep coming! #itscalledjewelry (Taken with instagram)

Creating Pretty things for you girls! (Taken with instagram)

New items listed at the store! (Taken with instagram)

Preparing the very first order. Yay! #itscalledjewelry (Taken with instagram)

I’ve been all about Pink&Green lately #itscalledjewelry #jewelry #bracelets (Taken with instagram)


And…. I’m back to Benefit!

Their products really ARE awesome so I can’t help but share them with you guys!

Today, 2 tricks for “Under-The-Make-up” :

The first one, to apply after your moisturizer, is OOH-LA-LIFT!

It looks like a gloss but it is in fact a creamy texture that helps “de-puffing” your eyes. It gives an instant Fresh and Stretch look. You can re-apply it throughout the day if needed.

The second one (I actually apply it above my make-up) is the HIGH BROW. A brow lifting pencil.

It’s a white pearly pencil, to apply right under your brow, following the arch. It makes the eyes look bigger and the brows look higher. It’s almost like a real brow lifting! True story!

Try them, they’re really worth it!

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Nap time again ❤ (Taken with instagram)

#BimbaYLola (Taken with instagram)

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