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The Real Arm Candy 💝🎀💗LouisVuitton (Taken with instagram)

Arm goodie of the day (Taken with instagram)


“The Conversation is more than a show. It’s an alternative new interview series hosted by Amanda de Cadenet and executive produced by Amanda and Demi Moore.”

And it really is… Only 2 episodes aired and I’m already hooked! 

The show is an informal conversation between friends basically. They’re sitting on a couch, talking about life and things that all of us can relate to. Besides the fact that the topics are fun and interesting, you get to see people (By people a mean stars) in a different way, more down to earth, and truthful I guess.

Amanda de Cadenet is fun and easy to relate to. She makes them open up :)

It’s a different king of talk show, and it’s really good, so I wanted to share it with you!

You can also follow The conversation on Facebook.

#AmandaDeCadenet #the conversation  @theconversation

Peonies on my table for family lunch 🌹🌺🌻 (Taken with instagram)

Peonies 💗 (Taken with instagram)


My friend Carole, from Little Madame, sent me these super sweet bracelet and ring she makes!

Se uses real quality leather, so they feel really soft :)

She has a ton of different designs on her website or Facebook page. She is based in paris, but ships worldwide. Check it out!

I Love them!

Keep’em coming! #itscalledjewelry (Taken with instagram)

So true👸😃 (Taken with instagram)

IT’ S CALLED ART – Photography

Sweet right?!

Jason Lee, a father of two, wanted to document the lives of his children to show his Mom, who was sick and couldn’t actually be with them. So he started a blog that very soon became viral, we can clearly see why!

Besides the fact that the girls are super cute, the pictures are really creative and fun!

Check his gallery and get some “inspiration” for your family photos ;)

Mothers Day gift from my Baby 💙💙💙 (Taken with instagram)

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