“The Conversation is more than a show. It’s an alternative new interview series hosted by Amanda de Cadenet and executive produced by Amanda and Demi Moore.”

And it really is… Only 2 episodes aired and I’m already hooked! 

The show is an informal conversation between friends basically. They’re sitting on a couch, talking about life and things that all of us can relate to. Besides the fact that the topics are fun and interesting, you get to see people (By people a mean stars) in a different way, more down to earth, and truthful I guess.

Amanda de Cadenet is fun and easy to relate to. She makes them open up :)

It’s a different king of talk show, and it’s really good, so I wanted to share it with you!

You can also follow The conversation on Facebook.

#AmandaDeCadenet #the conversation  @theconversation


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