For those of you who have kids or have a very light and “easy to burn” skin, this is THE BEST of THE BEST sunscreen :)

This was actually recommended by my son’s pediatrician when he was 2. I started using it since then and now he’s and 8 never had a sunburn even in the most hot places, or during entire days under the sun :)

It is very light, therefore easy to apply. It is not thick and doesn’t get your skin all white.

It’s Called SOLONG, they only sell it in pharmacies here in Europe. (They have an equivalent in the states but I can’t remember the name) It says SPF 20 on the tube but it definitely is TOTAL BLOCK. I normally apply it twice a day and it’s done!

The only not so good thing is it’s a bit pricey. Approx. 30€ for a small tube (100ml). But it is definitely worth it!

Try it and let me know…

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