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#regram from @louisvuitton. The iconic “Noe” is back! I’m taking mine out :) It was the first #Vuitton bag I ever got, 18 years ago!!! (God this makes me feel old…)

Boyfriend jeans and Sandro booties. Casual and comfy today :) #ootd #sandro #outfits

IT’S CALLED GOOD TIPS – Compeed Anti-blister stick

This one is not Glamorous but very necessary…

It changed my feet’s life a few years ago, definitely.

As I have very sensitive skin, my feet are no exception. As soon as “no socks” season came, they were always in bad shape, full of blisters especially. I stopped using certain shoes because of this, and it was really painful and not pretty….

Along came the Compeed anti-blister stick! (Other brands have this, but I like Compeed better)

Easy, you apply it in the morning on the usual blister spots, or all over, and it doesn’t let you feet get dry, therefore avoids the formation of blisters!

Great right?!



IT’S CALLED DIY – Paper Pom Poms

I just loooove these pom poms! and they’re so easy to make :)

I followed Martha Stewart’s tutorial HERE, but there are a lot of them on the web.

I made these to go over a buffet table for a party I’m planning here at home, but they’re cute pretty much everywhere!

You can make them whatever size or colour you want….

Here I just hung them in my craft room, but I’ll show you the pics after the party :)



Today I’m wearing…. Clover ring by It’s Called Serendipity “The Jewelry”. #ootd #ring #jewelry

I made this one for myself, to go with a cutie Dress I’m wearing at a wedding next month. Is it the sweetest or what???? I Love it. #ThinkingOfMakingSomeForTheStore

Getting all dolled up yesterday before a live TV interview. #BarbaraBrin #ThePowerOfDreams #latergram

A teeny tiny Heart shaped chive in my Wasabi. Found by my Babe @jose_machado. Like me, he’s starting to see #HeartsWhereTheyreNotSupposedToBe. ❤❤❤❤ #LunchDate #GullPorto

In black and white today… #ootd

IT’S CALLED BEAUTY – Lierac After sun

I spent a week in Marrakech last month and ended up with a great tan which was a very nice “help” to come back to this “ugh” weather here.

When I came back I went to a pharmacy to look for a great product that would enhance the tan and also make it last longer BUT I really wanted it to penetrate quickly so you aren’t all sticky when getting dressed.

I asked for something like that to the pharmacist (Who was a guy…) and he recommended this one. Lierac Sunific.

First of all, he was a guy, and as we all know they are not the best at giving advice on beauty products. And he was soooo recommending it, (He was all : It’s the best one on the market right now, it smells soooo good, It makes your tan last soooo long, it isn’t sticky at all, bla, bla, bla….) that I was a bit reluctant to buy it. I thought he had some kind of a comission on it or something. Weird.

BUT, let me tell you, the guy knew what he was talking about!

It is in fact not sticky at all, which I love. It smells really, really good, it leaves a little glow on the skin (Which enhances the tan) and it is making it last longer!

I like it so much that I had to share it with you :)

Let me know, if you ever try it….



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