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I don’t actually follow a lot of blogs, but I don’t like to miss anything on the ones I do follow.

So I use Bloglovin’ for that (Either the website or the App), because it helps me keep track of everything I haven’t read yet. It is very well organised, helps you find new blogs you might like based on your interest and the interface is very easy to use.

I mostly use the iphone app, my Saturday mornings usually consist of 2h of “blog catching up” in bed and I love it :)

I just registered my Blog on Bloglovin’ so HERE I am!





Je ne suis pas énormément de blogs, mais je ne veux rien rater de ceux que je suis!

Pour cela j’utilise Bloglovin’ (Aussi bien le site que l’appli), parcequ’il est très bien fait et m’aide á m’organiser dans ce que j’ai déjà lu ou pas.

J’utilise surtout l’appli, mes Samedis matin en général se passent dans mon lit sur mon iPhone ou iPad á rattraper mes lectures de la semaine et j’adore ça :)

Je viens juste d’inscrire mon Blog sur Bloglovin’, vous pouvez me suivre ICI!





Não sigo muitos blogs mas daqueles que sigo não quero perder nada!

Para isso uso o Bloglovin’ (Tanto o site como a App), porque é muito bem concebido, fácil de usar e permite me saber o que já li e o que está por ler para não perder “pitada”.

Utilizo essencialmente a App, os meus Sábados de manhã costumam ser passados na cama com o iPhone ou iPad a pôr as leituras da semana em dia e sabe me tão bem!

Acabei de registar o Blog no Bloglovin’, podem seguir me AQUI!




4 thoughts on “Its Called APPS – Bloglovin’

  1. An Overthinking Teenager February 11, 2015 at 6:36 PM Reply

    Hi, do you have to register your blog to use bloglovin’?


  2. […] posts product reviews, DIY tutorials and general tips. Posting in English, French and Portuguese (I think!), I really enjoy reading her […]


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