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It’s called Beauty – Eyebrows essentials

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I normally wear little to no make up during summer time. Anyways, when I do wear some make up, I like it to be very light and smooth. Something that makes your skin glow but doesn’t look or feel like make up.

I found the perfect combo for this summer :

“LES BEIGES” by Chanel


Costumo usar pouca ou nenhuma maquilhagem no verão. Se usar, gosto que seja uma coisa muito leve, que dê brilho á pele sem ficar carregado, quase um aspecto “no make-up”.

Encontrei os produtos perfeitos para este verão :

“LES BEIGES” da Chanel


I start with the YSL “Touche éclat” concealer, a classic I wear all year long

Then I smoothe the skin with the Les Beiges foundation (I use nº30). A very light and peachy foundation that blends in perfectly.

And on top of that I wear the Healthy Glow multi Color powder.The white powder (On top) I use as a primer eye shadow, then I apply a little bit of the Pink/Peach combo. For the cheeks and focal points (Nose, forehead) I use the Peach tone, to give a more natural look.

Then a little bit of mascara, here I used the “They’re Real!” by Benefit, a little Rouge Coco Baume on the lips (No Color, just Hydration) and that’s it! 

A healthy glow without the make up look!

Have a Glowy summer :))))




Começo com o “Touche éclat” da YSL, um clássico que uso o ano todo.

Depois, para uniformizar uso a base “Les beiges”, escolhi o 30 para o meu tom de pele. É uma base muito suave e fininha que se aplica com muita facilidade. Uma vez aplicada, tem um tom pêssego muito natural.

Por cima disso uso o pó Healthy Glow multi Color. O Tom de cima, branco, uso como base nas pálpebras e aplico de seguida um pouco dos tons Rosa/Pêssego. Para maçãs do rosto e pontos de luz (Nariz, testa) uso mais o pêssego para um resultado mais natural.

Depois, um pouco de máscara de pestanas, aqui usei a “They’re Real!” da Benefit, um pouco de hidratante e brilho nos lábios ( Rouge Coco Baume, Chanel) e já está!

Um look saudável, sem ar “pesado” de maquilhagem :)

Tenham um verão maravilhoso :))))





And…. I’m back to Benefit!

Their products really ARE awesome so I can’t help but share them with you guys!

Today, 2 tricks for “Under-The-Make-up” :

The first one, to apply after your moisturizer, is OOH-LA-LIFT!

It looks like a gloss but it is in fact a creamy texture that helps “de-puffing” your eyes. It gives an instant Fresh and Stretch look. You can re-apply it throughout the day if needed.

The second one (I actually apply it above my make-up) is the HIGH BROW. A brow lifting pencil.

It’s a white pearly pencil, to apply right under your brow, following the arch. It makes the eyes look bigger and the brows look higher. It’s almost like a real brow lifting! True story!

Try them, they’re really worth it!

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Brow Bar By Benefit

Did you know that Benefit has a Brow Bar at every Benefit Store around the world, or at chosen Sephora stores?! Well they do :)

I have been doing my brows with the lovely Andrea at my local Sephora Store for quite some time and she is good… But they also have other things like eyelash and brows tinting, which I tried and loved!

The Brow Shaping and Waxing is amazing. It is quick, it doesn’t hurt, and the girls know what they’re doing.

The Eyelash Tinting I did back in December on my trip to London, at a Benefit store there. It is really great, you don’t even need mascara as they are perfect for a Day look. It lasts for about a month.

The Brows Tinting I tried last week. I wasn’t very convinced because I couldn’t really see what difference it would make. But it DOES make a difference! The brows look darker so they are accentuated and give you a more “Dramatic” look, in a good way :) It also lasts about a month.

Check out the Brow Bar website for more info :


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So after the foundation comes the concealer. I use a lot of them depending on the “Damage”. LOL

I apply all of them with my finger.

From left to right :

-Benefit “Stay don’t stray”

The texture of this one is more like a thick foundation, but creamy. Good for those days when it is not that bad, as it is a light one. But very good!

-Benefit “Boiing”

This one is more thick. It really does help for those days when you’d rather stay in bed. Apply it the right way and you’ll look like you’ve slept 10 hours!

– Bobbi Brown

This one is very creamy but very light. I use it in the summer with no foundation underneath. It has on top a little bit of powder to apply with a brush so it fixes the concealer. And it really does!

-Bare Minerals ID

This one I also use in the summer as it is a powder concealer. Very good, but very light. To fix it, add a little spray. (The sprays used to fix the make up). It stays on very long as well

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It’s called Good tips – Make up – They’re Real



What’s there to say about “Benefit”. Here is a brand that could be all marketing.

The names and packaging of their products are amazing, well thought and so funny. But the fact is that their products really ARE amazing! I’m gonna be talking a lot about this brand on my Make Up tips, because I love their products.

This mascara is no Exception and the name says it all! “They’re Real”.

The first time I used it I got a lot of comments from friends asking if I had put fake lashes on and my answer was : NO, they’re Real!!!

I don’t have a lot of lashes and they’re not very long so this does a lot for me, I really really recommend it!

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