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It’s called DIY – Glitter phone charger


Ok, I admit… I’m addicted to Glitter!

But I saw this DIY somewhere on the internet and couldn’t resist to spruce up my charger a bit. Aren’t those white chargers just soooo boring?! :p

This one is easy easy!

You’ll need :

– A charger (!)

– Some Tacky glue, Mod podge or any other white glue…

– Glitter in whatever colour you like

– Top coat Polish

Basically you just cover the charger with glue. I used a swab but you can use a little sponge or a painting brush. Make sure to miss no spot.

Pour the Glitter all over the charger.

Let it dry.

Apply the top coat once or twice. This step is to make sure you don’t get your hands (and everything you touch!) all “Glittered” every time you use your charger.

Let it dry.

And that’s it! Easy right? and you have a super cute charger <3

#DIY #Glitter


I bought these sandals at Zara the other day, only to come back home and find out I had bought almost the same ones last year and had forgotten about them.

Not a problem, it was a good excuse for a DIY, especially for using some glitter, which I had been missing… :)

The result is a super sweet and summer-y pair of sandals! Although the process is very easy, this one was a bit more tricky and took more time because of the studs and spikes that I had to clean one by one after. But still very much fun!

Step by Step :

  • Cover the shoe with white glue (Like Tacky Glue)
  • Sprinkle the glitter all over it ( I chose gold glitter but you can use other colors of course).
  • Let it dry
  • Take off the loose glitter by shaking them (Better to do this outside!)
  • Reapply to fill possible gaps
  • Make the glitter stick by applying either spray glue or an acrylic coating (I use Krylon’s Crystal Clear coating for a better finish)
  • Et Voilá!

Easy and fun DIY you can do to any type of shoes, (Miu Miu style!) either on the whole shoe or just on the heel. whatever. The sky is the limit!

Show me you Glitter shoe DIY’s!

#Shoes #Diy #Glitter

It’s called DIY – Ikea Hack – Stools


Another super easy DIY!

What you need :

-3 Simple Ikea Stools



And for a little fun, as usual, I Glittered the back!

Don’t they look sweet in my kitchen?!

#DIY #Ikea #HomeDecor #Decoration #Glitter

It’s called Home – Decor

From my Mom’s 50th Bday party. The theme was Chanel, those were the table centerpieces. And now it’s a wonderful decorating item! #Chanel #Glitter

#glitter (Taken with instagram)

Added a little twist to Particulière… #glitter (Taken with instagram)

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