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IT’S CALLED WISHLIST – Miscellaneous

– Maje Capsule collection for Printemps

I Love Maje, always have, always will. Their dresses are just the cutest always very well tailored and fitted. They just designed this cute pastel collection exclusively for the Printemps department store in Paris. My favourite is the coral jumpsuit pictured above. WANT!


– Maje mini colecção para o Printemps

Adoro a Maje, sempre adorei. Os vestidos deles são sempre lindos, bem cortados e muito giros. A marca criou agora esta mini colecção em tons pastel exclusivamente para os armazéns parisienses Printemps. A minha peça favorita é o macacão coral, na foto em cima. QUERO!


– New Balance 420 Vintage

Cute with jeans, with skirts or even a dress, definitely a Must-Have! My fave color is the Burgundy.



– New Balance 420 Vintage

Ficam bem com calças, com saias ou até com um vestido, estas NB são sem dúvida um Must-Have! As minhas favoritas são as Burgundy.



– Gucci Soho leather Disco bag

I tend to prefer big handbags but I’ve been trying to downsize a bit because the bigger the bag, the bigger the mess in it! This one seems to me like the perfect size, small but not too small. And comes in numerous cute colours.



– Gucci Soho leather Disco bag

Costumo usar carteiras grandes mas tenho andado a tentar reduzir o tamanho porque quanto maior é a carteira, maior é a tralha que cabe lá dentro! Esta parece me ser o tamanho ideal, pequena, mas não minima. E as cores são lindas :)



– Hair inspiration

Now that my hair is shoulder length I have been looking for different hairstyles to experiment, like this one. I like the the braid and the curls which could be used in two separate styles.


– Inspiração cabelo

Agora que tenho o cabelo curto ando sempre á procura de inspirações como esta para experimentar. Gosto da trança mas também gosto das ondas, até para usar em dois penteados diferentes. Só ondas ou só trança :)


– Detox book : CLEAN

I’ve hear this book is really good and the method is amazing. Have anyone read it and tried the cleanse?


– Livro Detox : CLEAN

Tenho ouvido maravilhas deste livro e do seu metodo de detox. Já alguem leu ou experimentou?




IT’S CALLED BEAUTY – Hair products – Bumble & Bumble

Finally Bumble and Bumble has arrived to Europe!!!!
This Estée Lauder brand got more visibility due to their Surf spray a few years ago.
I had tried a lot of their products before and loved everything. The Surf Spray, which needs no presentation, is amaaaazing! (A post on that one very soon).

And these are no exception :
BB Mending Shampoo and Conditioner, for the (truly) damaged hair.
Not much to say about these except I was a bun adept for the first half of summer and now, after a month of using these I am finally wearing my hair down.
After the Ombré experience (which I loved, but my hair…Not so
Much) a straightening and the sun, my split ends need more than this for sure (Maybe a Keratine treatment) but this was a good start.

So there you go… Head to Sephora to check out the BB products, they have a lot of them, for every type of hair and at affordable prices.



Their products are sold in most Sephora’s or at Colette in Paris.


Finalmente a Bumble & Bumble chegou á Europa!
Esta marca que pertence á Estée Lauder ganhou mais visibilidade á uns tempos graças ao Surf spray que é um produto maravilhosooooooo! ( Um post sobre isso em breve).
Já tinha experimentado vários produtos da marca e gostei de todos.

Estes não são excepção :
Shampoo e condicionador da gama BB Mending para cabelos (muito) danificados.
Não há muito para dizer sobre eles a não ser que passei a primeira metade das minhas férias com o cabelo apanhado e agora já o consigo usar solto :)
Claro que as minhas pontas, depois das madeixas Ombré de um alisamento e de tanto sol vão precisar de muito mais ( Tratamento de Keratina muito provavelmente) mas já foi uma grande ajuda.

Vão até á Sephora espreitar os produtos BB. Têm para tudo, para todo o tipo de cabelos e a preços razoáveis para produtos de qualidade.



The sweetest Hair ties and bobby pins. Perfect for this Summer :) #hair #accessories #summer

The Ombre Hair 💇 #newhaircut #ombreHair #hair



These are the products I use on my hair right now…

From left to right :

-Shue Uemura “Dep Sea Foundation”

This one is perfect to give a fresh scent to your hair.F or example if you went out the night before and your hair smells like smoke but is clean, you just need to spray a little bit of this on it and it feels all fresh and clean again.


I am completely addicted to this one! It has an amazing scent and it really nourishes the hair. I use it either in the morning or at night, plus, with the bottle come 3 little bottles to carry in your purse and use it all day long.

– Kerastase “Nectar Thermique”

I use this one right before using the hair dryer. It keeps the hair from being burnt, ‘cause we all know what too much hair dryer can do to our hair! When you use the hair dryer a lot, like me during winter, you better have it “covered”…

#Hair #Beauty #BeautyProducts #GoodTips #ShuUemura #Orofluido #Kerastase

Unlike many of you I’m sure, (I always heard that girls tend to hate their hair!) I am very happy with my hair… It’s thick, it resists everything and I have a lot of it! I can have it curly in summer and straight in winter.

But, there is a BUT…!

I have so much hair and it is so thick that it’s impossible for me to straighten it by myself. I tried everything, from Babyliss to hot brushes, you name it! This means I have to go to the hairdresser a lot. It is expensive and takes a lot of time. (Note to self : A Drybar would be a very good idea here in Oporto)

I had heard of many hair straightening products or techniques but there were always too many “not so good” effects : dry or burnt hair, or very very straight hair that you can do nothing with… Then I heard about L’oreal X-tenso and actually had a friend who tried it.

He hair is more or less like mine and it looked so good after that I decided to go for it.

Well, let me tell you it is life changing!

My hair is now straight but not completely, it has a very “hairdresser” look, and I did nothing! I just washed it, did a normal blow and that’s it! Life changing for me! Plus it lasts from 4 to 6 months, which means I can have it curly again by summer! P-E-R-F-E-C-T :)

I really recommend it!

The process takes more or less 3 hours, and costs here in Portugal approx. 150€.

#Loréal #Hair #Xtenso #X-Tenso

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