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It’s Called Christmas – Advent Calendar



This year I decided to make my Son an Advent calendar.

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It’s called Ink – My Tattoo

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It’s Called Kids – Pizza Night and Grape sculptures

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It’s Called Babies – Solly Baby Wrap – Product review



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It’s Called Kids – One line a day Baby Book


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IT’S CALLED DIY – Cute garland for the Nursery



 Here’s a super easy and cute garland you can make for Baby’s room :)

For this garland you will need :

– Cardboard of your choice.

You can use only one color or pattern, I chose to mix two



Pour réaliser cette guirlande Il vous faut :

– Des feuilles cartonnées

Vous pouvez n’utiliser qu’une seule couleur, moi j’ai choisi d’en mélanger plusieurs.



Para fazer este DIY vai precisar de :

– Cartolina

Pode usar uma só cor ou padrão, eu escolhi misturar duas cores e padrões



– Some thread

I used baking twine



-Du fil

J’ai choisi du fil pâtissier




Usei fio de pastelaria




– Scissors

– Scotch tape

– Masking tape (To fix the garland to the wall)

Just cut the triangles in the cardboard, I made 8 (4 of each). Then tape them to the thread at equal distance, fix to the wall with masking tape, and you’re done!





– Du scoth

– des ciseaux

– De la Washi tape

Il vous suffit de découper des triangles de même taille dans les feuilles cartonnées, j’en ai fait 8 ($ dans chaque feuille). Puis les scotccher sur votre fil á égale distance, utiliser la washi tape pour fixer au mur, et voilà!






– Uma tesoura

– Fita cola

-Washi tape

Basta recortar triângulos do mesmo tamanho na cartolina (Eu recortei 8, 4 de cada padrão). Depois fixá los no fio com a fita cola, usar o washi tape para prender á parede e já está!






It’s called Kids – The Gratitude Jar





I wanted to do this for a long time….

This is a great idea for kids but for us adults too :)

I just printed a great quote I liked from pinterest and taped it on a jar. I placed it in a visible spot in the hallway at home so we remember to do this almost everyday, I put little bits of paper next to it, and a pen.

Everyday (Not EVERYday, we don’t want this to become a chore) we write down something good that happened. it can be the slightest thing that made us smile. It helps to put things in perspective, value things we take for granted in our everyday life and be grateful for all the things we have, big or small.

This is a great exercise that makes you be more positive, grateful and it will be fun to open the jar at the end of the year and read all the things that made us happy throughout the year!





Je voulais faire ça depuis quelques temps déjà. 

Cela fonctionne très bien pour les enfants, mais aussi pour les adultes :)

J’ai imprimé une phrase qui me plait beaucoup, je l’ai trouvée sur pinterest (“Toutes les journées ne sont pas bonnes, mais il y a du bon dans tous les journées”), je l’ai scotchée sur un bocal que j’ai mis dans l’entrée avec du papier et un crayon á côté.

Tous les jours (Ou presque, il ne faut pas que ça devienne une corvée) nous écrivons une bonne chose qui nous est arrivée dans la journée. Ça peut être n’importe quelle petite chose qui nous ai fait sourire. Cela aide á voir les choses de façon différente et valoriser les choses que l’on considère comme acquises dans notre vie de tous les jours.

C’est un très bon exercice, qui permet d’être plus positif et de voir les choses du bon côté.

Á la fin de l’année nous ouvrirons le bocal pour relire toutes les bones choses qui nous sont arrivées dans l’année!





Já queria fazer isto á muito tempo.

É uma boa ideia para as crianças mas para nós também :)

Imprimi uma frase gira que pesquisei no Pinterest (” Nem todos os dias são bons mas há algo de bom em todos os dias”), colei-a num frasco e coloquei-o na entrada com pequenos papéis e uma caneta ao lado.

Todos os dias (Ou quase todos, não queremos que isto passe a ser “chato”), escrevemos algo de bom que nos tenha acontecido, pode ser a minima coisa que nos tenho feito sorrir. É uma boa forma de darmos mais valor ao que nos acontece, aquilo que já temos e que ás vezes damos por garantido, enfim, permite-nos refletir e ver as coisas boas que nos acontecem, sejam elas grandes ou pequenas.

É um exercício muito bom e que nos deixa mais positivos.

No final do ano vai ser engraçado abrir o frasco e reler tudo aquilo que nos aconteceu de bom durante o ano!



It’s called kids – Bubble Snakes


IT’S CALLED KIDS – Bubble Snakes

Here’s another great way to occupy your kids on these long summer days.

I did this with my son and his cousins. Even though they’re not toddlers anymore, they still loved it, and played the whole afternoon!

They started experimenting, then made contests to see who could make the longer snake, then tried to make shapes with it :)

You will need :

– A plastic bottle

– A Small bath towel

– An elastic

– Dishwashing liquid (Add a little water to it)

Tutorial :

– Cut the end of the bottles with scissors

– Attach towels to the bottoms with elastics

– Soak the towel in the dishwashing liquid

– And blow on the other side. Voilá!

This is so easy and fun!



IT’S CALLED KIDS – Cobras de sabão

Mais uma forma diferente de ocupar as crianças durante estas longas tardes de verão.

Fiz esta actividade com o meu filho e os primos, e apesar de já serem crescidinhos, adoraram! Passaram a tarde nisto! Primeiro a experimentar, depois a fazer concursos para ver quem fazia a cobra mais comprida, e depois a tentar fazer figuras diferentes!

Material :

– Garrafa de plástico

– Pequena toalha de rosto

– Elastico

– Liquido da loiça (Acrescente um pouco de água)

Procedimentos :

– Cortar a parte de baixo da garrafa

– Prender a toalha com o elástico

– Molhar a parte da toalha no liquido

– Soprar do outro lado, e já está!

Uma actividade diferente e engraçada!




For those of you who have kids or have a very light and “easy to burn” skin, this is THE BEST of THE BEST sunscreen :)

This was actually recommended by my son’s pediatrician when he was 2. I started using it since then and now he’s and 8 never had a sunburn even in the most hot places, or during entire days under the sun :)

It is very light, therefore easy to apply. It is not thick and doesn’t get your skin all white.

It’s Called SOLONG, they only sell it in pharmacies here in Europe. (They have an equivalent in the states but I can’t remember the name) It says SPF 20 on the tube but it definitely is TOTAL BLOCK. I normally apply it twice a day and it’s done!

The only not so good thing is it’s a bit pricey. Approx. 30€ for a small tube (100ml). But it is definitely worth it!

Try it and let me know…

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IT’ S CALLED ART – Photography

Sweet right?!

Jason Lee, a father of two, wanted to document the lives of his children to show his Mom, who was sick and couldn’t actually be with them. So he started a blog that very soon became viral, we can clearly see why!

Besides the fact that the girls are super cute, the pictures are really creative and fun!

Check his gallery and get some “inspiration” for your family photos ;)


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