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IT’S CALLED BEAUTY – Lierac After sun

I spent a week in Marrakech last month and ended up with a great tan which was a very nice “help” to come back to this “ugh” weather here.

When I came back I went to a pharmacy to look for a great product that would enhance the tan and also make it last longer BUT I really wanted it to penetrate quickly so you aren’t all sticky when getting dressed.

I asked for something like that to the pharmacist (Who was a guy…) and he recommended this one. Lierac Sunific.

First of all, he was a guy, and as we all know they are not the best at giving advice on beauty products. And he was soooo recommending it, (He was all : It’s the best one on the market right now, it smells soooo good, It makes your tan last soooo long, it isn’t sticky at all, bla, bla, bla….) that I was a bit reluctant to buy it. I thought he had some kind of a comission on it or something. Weird.

BUT, let me tell you, the guy knew what he was talking about!

It is in fact not sticky at all, which I love. It smells really, really good, it leaves a little glow on the skin (Which enhances the tan) and it is making it last longer!

I like it so much that I had to share it with you :)

Let me know, if you ever try it….



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