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Shooting video #2 with the whole band today! #SurrealPlace #illShowYouLater #BarbaraBrin #Music #Sequins

Preparing for #BalconyTV this saturday #BarbaraBrin #music #workthatdoesntfeellikework

IT’S CALLED MUSIC – Barbara Brin

Some of you may know it, some of you may not, but besides being a jewelry designer and a blogger I am also a Singer/Songwriter :)))) (Who says a girl can’t do everything she likes?!!!)

Long story short, I have been writing lyrics for songs since I can remember, and had them in a drawer in my room. When I turned 18, two of my best friends made a song for one of those lyrics. That was it! I knew instantly what felt right for me, where I belonged…. We recorded that song, and many more after that.

But then, life got on the way, I had to choose a different direction for some time, which was perfectly fine. 

I then, came back to music 4 years ago and put together a surprise concert for my guests at my 30th Bday party :) It was the best feeling ever! And I was back!

After that I started working with a band, we made new songs, recorded them and made an album. This baby is out today!

As you may know I am portuguese, I lived in Paris for 25 years and then came back to Portugal where i am now. In Porto. I chose to make this first album in Portuguese because it was more of a challenge for me and I had plenty to say as I had never written a song in that language until 2 years ago.

I am already working on the next one though, which will be in English, with some french songs as well :)

Here’s the link to my facebook page, where you can download the album for free for the next 2 weeks : 


Hope you enjoy it!



It’s Called Good Tips – Music

When I was 16/17, I used to wake up everyday to the sound of George Michael’s “Freedom”.

I’m kind of a “grumpy-for-half-an-hour-when-I-wake-up-kind-of-girl”… And I remember when I decided to use Freedom as an alarm, it all changed!!!!

It really did.

I don’t know what it is about that song, that just makes you want to jump out of bed, grab a hairbrush and start singing and dancing to it :)

So lately, as I had tried all the iPhone alarm sounds, I decided to go back to “Freedom mornings”, and it was the best decision ever!

That is why this post is tagged “good tips”, try this, you’ll see what I mean ;)



#Music #GoodTips

Check out a little preview of my first album, out soon! This one’s in Portuguese :) www.bbrin.com #happyBrin #BarbaraBrin #music

Shooting the video… #music #barbarabrin #video (Taken with instagram)

On set getting ready to shoot the video for the first single! Happy Brin 😃 #music #BarbaraBrin www.bbrin.com (Taken with instagram)

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