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I normally only use one bottle of a perfume and then I change. But with this one it’s the 2nd bottle and planning to buy a 3rd one. It’s how gooood it is! 🍃🍂🌿🌱 #Perfume #Hermes #UnJardinSurLeNil #Fragrance

It’s called Beauty – Perfumes

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When it comes to perfumes I am always changing! A specific scent always reminds me of a specific time, so when it ends, I change. Since I started with Marc Jacobs Scents, I have been trying them all!

I went from, Basil, to Pomegranate, to Lemon (The one I like less) to Cranberry which I am Loving right now!

Plus I Love the packaging…

But there’s one perfume I wear a lot because I used it on my son when he was born, and still use it now when he lets me! I Love it because it smells like Him :)

#Beauty #Perfume #MarcJacobs #Bonpoint

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